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We are a core group of seasoned and knowledgeable seafood professionals with over 100+ years of collective experience in the industry. We are passionate about our industry, our products, our suppliers and our customers with whom we’ve built numerous long-standing and solid business relationships.

Established in 2005, the company’s reputation has been built through our commitment to quality, integrity and service. Our attention to the details continues to pay off, and it separates us from our competition. We continually strive to build sales relationships that are interactive, synergistic and productive.

We are very adept at harnessing and developing the infrastructures necessary to get high-quality seafood products to market successfully. Constantly looking for new opportunities, we maintain excellent relations with our partner producer companies throughout Central and South America.

We are driven to provide solutions to your seafood needs.

  • We offer top-quality Central, South American Pacific and Asian wild-caught and farm-raised frozen shrimp products in all forms – including green headless, block frozen, IQF, peeled and meat. MiCal can easily pack to your specifications.
  • MiCal's specialty! Year round, our facilities in Suriname, Brazil, Nicaragua and Guyana process the best fresh and frozen Caribbean red, Atlantic lane and Yellowtail snapper.
  • Lanes, Silks, and Guacamayo snappers from our artisanal fishing fleets are caught and shipped fresh daily from Central America.
  • We produce fresh-caught red, black, yellow edge and scamp grouper from the Southern Caribbean and Pacific Central American coasts.
  • White meat, firm-flesh, great tasting fillets are brought in from the Southern Caribbean and Pacific Central America.
  • Our super-fresh artisanal caught Mahi Mahi comes from the temperate waters of the equatorial coasts.
  • Our Atlantic and Pacific yellow fin and big eye tuna are graded for quality in our facilities and flown in fresh daily.
  • Beautiful fresh swordfish H&G flown in fresh daily.
  • Whole fish round, gutted and scaled, for the ethnic retail sector.
  • Caught and processed in our facilities in the Southern Caribbean and Pacific Latin American regions.
  • Caught and processed in our facilities in the Southern Caribbean and Pacific Latin American regions.
  • We also offer local river and ocean catfish, mackerel, kingfish and seabob to mention a few. Just ask us!
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